Based on a thorough and individualized assessment, the participant executive is evaluated in his English language skills as well as in his/her international business communication skills (Business Communication).



Up to 2 hours one-on-one interview done either in-person or virtually via Teams or Zoom.



Trend 's assessment method is exclusive. The ASBC (Assessment & Standards in Business Communication) is an integral part of the Executive Communication technology and aims at supporting executives in their international business exposition.



Our technology is based on the premise that there is a clear distinction between English learning and business communication in English, where the language is a means to business communication. For that reason, ASBC is divided into two sections:

ícone linguagem


(knowledge and oral skills)
ícone comunicação

Business Communication

(business communication skills)

Communication roadmap

The assessment results will indicate the participant 's current profile along our roadmap, determining his development path.

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