This is a unique executive development program inspired by the best business schools in the world and based on different experiences and perspectives brought into the classroom.

It is also aimed at allowing participants to choose content according to their interests which will help (re)shape their customized learning track.

Who should attend


Significant repertoire expansion in different areas of leadership, economy and global businesses.

A leap in oral communication including agility and fluidity in their expression of ideas and thoughts.

Development of readiness to respond to daily situations including a significant amplification of sociocultural vocabulary base.

Participants who are better equipped to do business in main cultures and international markets.

TIE Experience

TIE has a unique value proposal. It is an on-the-move program that offers a different experience in each session. Part of such experience is being able to take this course more than once and yet have completely different experiences. Plus, participants can take TIE in different locations and hotels in Brazil.

Planning a TIE is also part of the experience as participants actively engage in the program’s themes and goals selection making it even more exclusive and special.

The experience gains breadth and depth in the classroom through interesting dynamics, led by different background consultants and spiced up by the virtual participation of international guest Keynote/Influential Speakers.

At the end of the rather eventful and full-of-interactions day, the evening atmosphere is playful and entertaining, exposing participants to sociocultural language through music, games and wine tasting. Yes, wine tasting!

Program Structure

Super intensive immersion program, Monday thru Friday with up to 15 hours of activities per day.


One of TIE's greatest highlights is its intense and plural programming which includes simultaneous sessions participants can choose from.


Our team of consultants is formed by language specialists and communication specialists, all native or Brazilian near-native professionals who are highly qualified with technical training in language and/or business. There will also be special guests such as coaches, keynotes and influential speakers who will be invited strategically.


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