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  • Nizan Guanaes
    The experience of learning with Trend School has been a true game changer for me. Frequently, when people in my position reach the top they tend to rest on their laurels, thinking they have nothing else to learn when in fact, learning is a lifelong experience. I have found here in São Paulo that I would be able to have access to what is best worldwide without having to leave the country, especially during these two years of the pandemic. So, I have made the time and the effort to study with Oswaldo and so has my team. It has been such a good experience that I have put a program together for my high executives. They are absolutely amazed. This has been one of the years’ highlights. Not only am I a customer, but I also strongly recommend Trend. It has changed my life and it will do the same for your company.
    Nizan Guanaes
    Founder and CEO of N.Ideas
  • Glaucimar Peticov
    Bradesco has always believed that one of the most critical success factors in the corporate world is the building of strategic partnerships based on trust, expertise and results. That describes our relationship with Trend School, whose international executive education solutions have significantly contributed to our executives’ growth, including the development of their business communication skills, absolutely pivotal in a globalized world.” Glaucimar Peticov.
    Glaucimar Peticov
    Bradesco HR Executive Director
  • Carlos Rotella
    Given my experience as a student, I was very impressed with the learning method, above all with Trend’s team engagement and sinergy so students can evolve, focusing on what all needs to be developed with a whole lot of motivation. As an executive education customer, I can vow for the experience as a student myself along with other participants' testimonials, who most enthusiastically speak about their evolution. Once again highlighting Trend's team's commitment to participants' learning in an intense yet pleasurable manner, delivering beyond expectations.
    Carlos Rotella
    Executive President at Queiroz Aranha Group
  • Paula Andrade
    Trend School has extremely qualified consultants who transform learning into something pleasurable. Furthermore, the excellent level of content and methodology demands that students use language in real-life situations which gets them out of their comfort zone and allows for a great deal of learning! I am very happy with the opportunity to study with excellent professionals and develop the language on a daily basis.
    Paula Andrade
    Natura & Co Retail VP
  • Argentino Oliveira
    Trend School has been supporting Suzano in our new path of lifelong learning, guiding our executives toward innovative development perspectives and experiences. We understand that many of us could have the mindset that change is temporary. However, now, more than ever before, we understand after the current global scenario that change could be the new constant. For that reason, having Trend School to advise and guide us through this learning process and growth is so important.
    Argentino Oliveira
    Suzano CHRO
  • Andressa Lamana
    We have established a partnership with Trend School aiming at bettering our leadership communication performance in English. As HR and as a student myself, I can say this has been a unique, intense, immersive and well-rounded experience. One of the main advantages was the syllabus, totally focused on our strategy challenges and business context. Our leaders are even better prepared to communicate clearly and assertively in English.
    Andressa Lamara
    CBA HR, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Director
  • Marcelo Besteiro
    When I came to Trend School I was quite aware of the competence gaps I had and would like to bridge by joining an international executive program. They were key to helping me find the best institution, aiding me throughout the process, from the enrollment to the language development I needed to perform better during the course.
    Marcelo Besteiro
    Comgás HR Director
  • Carla Gama
    Trend School has been our partner, a third-party solution for executive communication for many years. Their commitment to best suited solutions to our specific needs and their engagement with our expected outcomes are unlike any other and cost effective at the same time. Their team is very dedicated, qualified and kind.
    Carla Gama
    Hinode Group VP
  • Lilian Guimarães
    My partnership with Trend School started back in 1994 and, since then I have been very happy! I recommend Trend School not only for its innovation, renewal and entrepreneurship capacities but also for meeting my needs as a student within a corporate experience, when I was able to observe the development of other executives around me.
    Lilian Guimarães
    HR Executive
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