Inspired by the Global Business Experience (GBE), this is a group program that exposes participants to international communication in English by means of leadership, business and cultural experiences in an environment only New York City can provide.


Each GBE program is never like any other. However, all syllabus is based on 5 dimensions:

Who should attend


More agility in intercultural communication in English leveraged by the usage of a much more versatile repertoire.

Getting to better experience NYC out of the typical tourist scene.

American culture appropriation, with focus on entrepreneurship, innovation and business view.

Ability to draw parallels between the experiences in NYC and reality in Brazil, personally, professionally and business management wise.

ECE Experience

The ECE experience places the participant “on the scene” within a unique environment that only New York can provide. It is, above all, a field experience.

We are talking about a one-of-a-kind experience, exclusively prepared for the participant who is placed at the center of any activity and all activities related to his/her areas of interest.

The curatorship of this program transforms the schedule into a theme oriented experience. For example: one day is dedicated to leadership and different activities, meetings, visits, talks and even in-the-classroom coaching sessions. Other themes include sustainability, innovation, finances, services and entrepreneurship, among others.

This is an 10 to 15-hour immersive experience that starts with breakfast to discuss the current news and ends with an evening function.

Program Structure

Super intensive program, 100 hours distributed in two full and consecutive weeks in group work format for cohorts of up to 8 participants.

A typical day in NYTC


November 11 - 23


This program is led by senior Consultants and Professors from NYC universities and vicinities.

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