Private customized prep program, exclusively prepared for the participants to get the most out of their experience in executive education to be attended at the main schools of business in North America, or it can also aim to help participants in their work relocation abroad.

Who should attend


Program Structure

On-site intensive or superintensive private program, 5 to 10 hours a day. Available Mondays thru Sundays.


The ExecEdComm program is developed with the objective of preparing the participant using material that is focused on management competences so he/she can be at their best to join the business school where his/her executive education will actually take place. This content will be customized and may include pre-assignments previously made available by the schools.


The duration of this program, as well as dates are flexible and are to be decided as business schools define their starting dates, or the company, in the case of relocation.


This program is led by senior Consultants and Professors from NYC universities and vicinities.

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