Language acceleration program, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese for foreigners and other modern languages.

Who should attend


Language acquisition based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

A participant who is prepared to socialize in daily situations as well as in business.

A participant who is prepared to deliver basic personal presentations, professional activities and company’s institutional.

A participant who simply litens in and attends meetings and work presentations.

Programs offered


Custom Executive Program (CEP)

Tailor made and inspired by
the format of executive coaching.


Business Communication Program (BCP)

Custom program for cohorts
of the same company.

Program Structure

This program is divided into up to 4 levels of knowledge: Elementary, Basic, Intermediate e Effective.
Each program is of 75 to 100 hours long depending on our initial assessment.


Both programs are available in virtual (Live-Online), on campus (Immersion), and blended modes.



On campus



A customized road map with tailor-made content to be defined with the participant or group after our initial assessment for profile/level diagnosis.


One of our key advantages is our team of Language Specialists and Communication Specialists. Our native professionals and native-like Brazilians are highly qualified and with language teaching and/or business management background.


The duration of the program is to be defined and will vary according to the objectives of the participant or group considering the initial assessment and their expectations regarding intensity, cadence and deadlines.


Dates and times will be adapted according to participants’ needs and will be aligned with program coordination. Working hours are Mondays-Fridays from 6am to 10pm. Saturdays from 7am to 6pm. Sundays and holidays on-demand only.


Trend Experience

The learning experience at Trend School goes beyond the classroom, on-site or online. We create the best possible weekly journey for the participant to be immersed in different forms of learning experiences and activities.


Find out more about the initial assessment here.

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