Partner Program

A strategic partnership with Excedo, from Financial Times (England) and Nikkei Group (Japan).


Business Communication Across Cultures is a unique executive development experience. Its native digital nature, available through an app, has triple benefits for the participant/user.

Who should attend

Participants with a B1 (CEFR) ou FBC (Trend School) level of language proficiency.

Executives from multinationals and Brazilian multinational companies that lead people and teams daily in their operations abroad.

Executives of Brazilian companies who are often in contact with people from different cultures.

Participants who are interested in developing English communication excellence in the business context having different experiences by means of technology.


A better prepared executive to lead multicultural teams virtually, interacting with peers and leaders worldwide.

A better prepared executive to lead strategic partnerships.

Advancing one’s intercultural knowledge in people management.

Communicate purpose, values and principles both in their personal and corporate spectrums in different cultures.

Program Structure

This program has been designed to address 10 managerial skills with 2.5 hours (150 min.) each.


Each skill, developed in 2.5 hours, will be addressed on a weekly basis and will include synchronous and asynchronous activities. The synchronous activities for this private coaching session will have the duration of 45 min. with a Coach (specialized in the area of study) from a different nationality and based in different locations worldwide. The remainder of time (105 min.) is reserved for micro lessons (5-15 min.) that aim to prepare the participant for the emulation.

Skills to develop

Delegate tasks

Solve Problems

Run Negotiations

Run Interviews

Build Relationships

Give Negative Feedback

Give Appraisals

Pitch Ideas

Manage Change

Manage a Crisis

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